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Dead Body

2002 Canada / USA  40 Minutes

Hassan, a funeral poet, is going through writers block. Sitting at his desk in a small cramped room with his girlfriend lying on a mattress he leaves for some ‘air’- instead he drifts and deviates into other happenings, including but not limited to an endless procession of gum-chewing, an encounter with a rotund Hungarian ‘delivery man’ and a sexy Russian woman. Hassan’s journey has a metaphysical aspect to it and life in this surreal world is focused on the strange work, anxiety and humour that hovers over death.




2001 USA  7 Minutes

A man comes out of an elevator and descends into an abyss of striking visuals - including a spectrum of endless tables and chairs, an abandoned snow-capped car and a phone-booth - before getting lost in a hazy cemetery.



2001 Turkey / USA  2 Minutes

A woman journeys through Istanbul streets and a dense sea of markets, people and sounds.


Le Soleil

2001 Canada / USA  5 Minutes

A cyclical journey on foot, bicycle and car with a tunnel of darkness and a majestic celebration of light through natural elements and spectacular landscapes.


Rozsa Utca I and Rozsa Utca II

2001 Hungary / USA  3 Minutes

A bird's-eye view of this Budapest street, complete with a small grocery, a pastry shop and colourful characters on a car arguing over a green screwdriver.


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