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"Mr. Rahman's film leaves the audience asking more questions and looking inward with greater reverence for all the layers we know and are yet to discover that make up our identities."

    - Sana Qutubuddin, Daily Sabah


Deccani Souls is a mystical journey that begins with Hamza wandering through a strange landscape of assorted debris in the winter snow-scape. He 'dreams' of another place and time- Hyderabad. In Hyderabad Babu works for the government as a 'census' collector - he acts as a kind of door-to-door salesman and initiates elaborate conversations in order to get people to sign away the forgotten yet painful history of 1948 and 'Operation Polo'. Meanwhile the Urdu poet Siddiq struggles with writer's block as he navigates the history and pulse of the Deccan looking for a lost essay his grandfather wrote decades earlier. They each weave through the portentous streets, cafes and chaos of Hyderabad trying to make sense of this magically tragic city.


Deccani Souls was shot on location in Hyderabad and Bidar as well as in Canada. The film's themes include dreams, memory and emigration and a specific undercurrent of the story is the invasion of Hyderabad State back in 1948.


2012 - Canada/ India/ USA - 106 minutes - Urdu, English - Sub-titles: English - HD Video/ 16:9




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