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"Kaz Rahman's film depicts salaat- Islamic prayer- both literally and more abstractly…reinforcing these moments as both integral to daily life, and yet somehow sacred and elevated, whether they occur in the hubbub of a city or in a pastoral glade."

-Al Hoff, Pittsburgh City Paper


Salaat weaves a breadth of imagery from the burning, decaying beauty of the land through lush forests to the stark desolation of winter and beyond. Five different women walk, ride and work through the day and each performs prayer or ‘Salaat’ at one of five different times. This structure also offers a glimpse at the beauty, stress and contradictions of people interacting throughout the day. Salaat revolves around the five Muslim prayers ‘Fajr’ (sunrise), ‘Zohar’ (mid-day), ‘Asr’ (afternoon), ‘Maghrib’ (sunset) and ‘Isha’ (evening). The film begins with ‘Isha’ and ends the next day at ‘Maghrib’ with each prayer being performed in real time amidst stunning settings.


2010 - Canada/ India/ USA - 74 minutes - Urdu, Arabic - Sub-titles: English - HD Video/ 16:9




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